We’ve all read articles, in fact I’ve published articles, about how and why the profession is switching over from metallic posts to fiber-reinforced aesthetic posts. Having been involved with these for 25 years, I want to believe that the low elastic modulus and the harmony of the function with remaining tooth structure is still the most compelling reason for their use.

Late last year I noticed this article published by a group from University of North Carolina, which included Dr. Terry Donovan, where they surveyed dentists in five countries, including the US and Canada- asking about their preferences and beliefs about the pros and cons of different kinds of retention posts.

Although in the universe of the study, dentists are still using some cast post and prefabricated metal posts, 72% of dentists reported using fiber posts.

I also found the breakout of the types of cement used for post cementation very interesting

Read the article, and let me know what you think.

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