In the big marketing mix, we have the P’s:  Product,  Publicity,  Price-point  and PROMOTION.

It’s usually a game, designed to get a customer to “stock up”  before they really need to, use one product to cross-merchandise related product,  undercut a major competitor (if only for the short-haul) and, sometimes, just to give the rep in the field something new to talk about.

It’s no different in dental.

There are dealer  campaigns,  new user offers, “Buy-this-get-that-FREE” offers, “Mix & Match” offers,  just like a grocery store.

I had the opportunity to manage subsidiary of the French company (RTD) in the United States for about three years. We named it RTD USA, and  imported and marketed only to products; direct the end-users ( dentists in laboratories).

There was no salesforce, no dealers,  just me,  and a very small publicity budget.

Publicity consisted of press releases, sponsoring a few speakers, and some light advertising and email blasts.

Here are  representatives of a couple of those efforts.

A Customized E-Mail piece to laboratories, design and final art by me.

So you want it stronger?

A plain and simple Promotion sheet , to go out with every order and Inquiry Response Letter.


Letter to prospects using Testimonials

Splint it, fix it, strengthen it.