Before on-line stores, before e-commerce, manufacturers furnished their distributors with the company catalog.

So it was when Vivadent/Ivoclar (1985) and then COE Laboratories (1991) asked me to create their first full product catalog.

20 years later, RTD asked me to design and write a catalog for a new product line: Quartz Splint. This one is available as a hard copy OR digital edition, thanks to Adobe and Flash.

Sales brochures are “old school”, but they are still popular as a way to explain the product to a prospect, in the absence of a face – to- face encounter. I always tried to write these as if I was talking to the Dentist, and narrating the photos, charts and graphs.

Here are a few current ones, and a couple from the 1980s

I write copy, direct photo shoots and provide rough layouts to help the client “see'” their communication and mix & match between headlines, cover photo themes, layouts. I then shepherd the final hybrid version through a graphic designer for a more polished look.

I have done dozens of these, some simple, 2-color  “Product Profiles” others have been 6-page, full color “glamour” pieces, and I can work with about any budget.