Space/print advertising has always been one of the most fun aspects of Publicity.

I first got involved in 1981 , as the Product Manager at Caulk/Dentsply; writing copy, interfacing with the Advertising Manager and the outside agency.

At Vivadent, (1984-1988) I started planning and executing the annual Advertising Budget, and directed the outside agency in the development and insertion of the company advertising; for composites, amalgamator, retention pins, and more.

At Coe Labs/GC America, I had full reign over the development and maintenance of the annual budget, direction of in-house graphic development and outside agencies, in the development of all advertising. I also recruited to serve on the American Dental Assn. Advertising Committee, representing “the industry”.

At Bisco Dental (1993-1999) I started from ZERO. I developed the first-ever Advertising program/budget, selected and recruited internal graphics and outside agencies. By 1995, Bisco was a $1M ad budget, and negotiated best page rates, premium positions, and other extras, to gather leads for the telemarketing team. This included product advertising, and Corporate Identity themes (See Case Studies: The All-Bond Company)

In the 2007-2014 era, I helped RTD face a (lack-of) identity crisis in Latin America (see case Study: The Bisco Post) Here are several of the ROUGH layouts I proposed, and the final art at the end.

As an outside consultant (2000 – present) I was once again “hands-on”. My principal client  (RTD) was not a strong believer in print media, but did support “local” partners. In addition, I handled space advertising for RTD USA (2013-2016). I hand-created mini panel ads for RTD USA web embed. 

In 2019, Advantage dental became convinced that it was once again time to invest in advertising their flagship product: Hemaseal & Cide Desensitizer. I created quarter-page advertising for one magazine 

On the occasion of RTD’s 50thAnniversary, the new Management asked me to create a Junior Page print ad for the US Market. Again, here are the candidates I proposed, and the last panel is the one they chose. (The company is located in the French Alps, in the high-tech corridor)

In 2020, directed an outside agency in the development of two new advertisements, providing them graphics and copy.