Too often in our business, there are just not enough people to do all the work. Good employees leave, get promoted, or screw up! Budgets get cut and things can fall behind.

I know, I’ve been there.

Maybe it’s time for a lean, one-man show with an incredible array of experience and skills as the solution to your short term and medium range strategic and tactical challenges. Plus, you don’t have to fund my insurance and retirement. You don’t even have to invite me to the company picnic! You just pay for what you get!

I work independently but with a strong team spirit, by the hour, by the day or by the project. Check out my experience, work background & skill sets. Then let’s talk.


“I have worked with Norman Hicks for approximately 2 years, as we’ve sought to develop and commercialize a new technology for the dental marketplace. His exceptional clinical knowledge, industry experience, and KOL/influencer recruitment has been indispensable. In addition, his expertise with identifying critical product requirements through primary market research tools (focus groups, interviews, surveys, and secondary research) has been invaluable to us as we seek to finalize our product development and launch activities.”
Jarrod Lawson, Vice President-Marketing, Nobio, Inc.
“Norman Hicks in every way embodies the word “hustle”. As I was new in the dental industry, Norman was immensely helpful in giving me the inside track on how to be most successful in the space while teaching me how to navigate the complex waters effectively and efficiently. Norman helped us gain relationships with key industry players and key opinion leaders that helped excel our marketing efforts tenfold, and allowed our business development team to get in front of the right industry players for immediate success. If you are looking to gain more knowledge through market research, looking to help connect with key opinion leaders at an accelerated pace or looking for the right industry partners in the industry, Norman Hicks is your guy.”
Blake Smith, Head of Marketing, BlueLight Analytics
“I have had the pleasure of working with and being a friend to Norman Hicks since 2004. He was integral in helping source parts and develop an endodontic fiber post system for Ultradent Products Inc. He brought a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and knowledge to the table while this project unfolded. Since then we worked together on bringing updates to the system to keep it clinically relevant. He is extremely knowledgeable in the dental arena and is a pleasure to work with. “
Richard D Tuttle DDS, Senior Manager Clinical Affairs, Ultradent Products. (Retired)

“Norman Hicks has been my friend and colleague for almost 20 years, and we have worked together on numerous research projects, articles, and educational programs. On any given project, Norman always does more than his share, delivers on time, and gives others the credit. I don’t think you can find a harder-working, more ethical industry partner than Norman.”

James C. Broome, DDS,MS Professor & Director, Division of General Dentistry The UAB School of Dentistry
“I have been professionally close to Mr. Norman Hicks for several years. I really admire his knowledge in Dentistry especially in the Dental Materials field and his professionalism. In fact, I have personally learned numerous concepts about Dental Materials from him. He has been one of the best teachers I had in this field in Dentistry.

It is also remarkable and inspiring his extensive career in the dental corporate field and in the development of new restorative techniques and materials.

But above all, his personal condition is admirable: good and reliable person and also a tireless worker.”

Dr. Alejandro Bertoldi Hepburn, Prof. of Post-grade in Oral Rehabilitation Facultad de Ciencias para la Salud. Concepción (Chile).
“Norman Hicks and I have worked in the dental industry and been friends for nearly 30 years.  Norman is highly skilled in marketing, advertising, product development and the presentation of training/educational programs. He is a true professional and a creative problem solver.”
Richard S. Demke, DDS , V.P. of Research and Development. GC America (Retired)
“I am a clinician, an inventor and a teacher, and I have known Norman for nearly 25 years. Over this time, through his knowledge, communication skills and personal connections, he has helped me develop new products as a marketing executive and as a liaison, assisted me in improving some of my own lectures and programming, and has collaborated and supported my efforts in producing clinical and technical articles and papers. To me, Norman is a valuable contact, well-equilibrated in corporate process, institutional and clinical dentistry.”
Patrick Roetzer, DDS , Director of Operative Dentistry, University of the Pacific

“I worked with Norman Hicks for close to seven years while he was Director of Sales Marketing for Bisco Dental Products.  During that time, we developed comprehensive marketing and educational programs addressing the challenging needs associated with a direct manufacturer/seller approach/landscape.  Norman’s knowledge of dentistry and dental materials afforded Bisco the opportunity to penetrate a very competitive adhesion/bonding segment of the overall marketplace.  In addition to traditional forms of advertising, I also worked with Norman on the development of an educational and peer-reviewed, single sponsored publication titled Restorative Quarterly.  Because of Norman’s knowledge of the marketplace, reach into the key opinion leader network, and his commitment to this initiative, Restorative Quarterly published on time with each edition for a total of four years.

Norman would be an effective member of any organization pursing solid ethics, consistent growth and superior service.“

Anthony Angelini, President, Aegis Communications

“I know Norman and have been associated for nearly 8 years; as a clinician and in my academic capacity. We have collaborated on a number of endeavors; for my educational programs and commercially-driven projects. I have found him to be a reliable source of useful, timely and accurate information, with a good working knowledge of restorative dentistry. He works from a wealth of experience in product development, professional relations and publicity.

He has very good attitude and always willing to help to get the best results on the projects we work together.”

Prof Dr Daniel Torassa. DDS, PhD, Postgraduate program in Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry., Universidad Nacional de Cordoba Prosthodontic area, Universidad Catolica de Cordoba, (Argentina)
“Norman is one of the best overall marketing persons I have ever had the pleasure to work with in the Dental Industry. He is very knowledgeable about dental materials, excellent at positioning the products, a very good copy writer, extremely creative and never misses a deadline.. A lifetime of experience working with some of the largest Dental Companies makes him a valuable asset for any marketing team. He really “gets it” and is fun to work with on a daily basis.”
John O’Neill, Executive Director of Sales, VOCO America
“I began working with Norman Hicks in the late nineties when he was heading the marketing division for Bisco which was a scientifically progressive, paradigm-busting company, leading a revolution in the way dentists bonded teeth. As such, he was responsible for managing the delicate re-training of dentists who were pretty set in their ways. Education was their key strategy

in terms of marketing these new materials and techniques. Norman embraced and managed this difficult re-education process with skill and professionalism, and has continued to exhibit those same qualities as he’s continued to develop his own business.”

Tony Pensak, DDS , Private practice, industry consultant. Calgary, BC Canada
“In my previous position as Director of Clinical Affairs for Clinical  Research Dental and Clinician’s Choice,  I have had the unique experience of working with Norman to introduce new products and techniques to the dental profession. His extensive dental background and experience has fostered invaluable technical support and training for our in-house staff. For me personally, he has been an integral partner in my ability to teach globally, and write extensively to integrate new knowledge into the dental profession.”
Len Boksman DDS, BSc, FADI, FICD , Clinical Affairs Mgr. Clinical Research Dental (Retired)

“I have known Norman Hicks since his days as the Director of Sales & Marketing for BISCO Dental.  At that time, I was the Manager of Professional Education.

Mr. Hicks has a thorough knowledge of dental products and marketing which, over the years, has been a great support for my role as Academic educator and thought leader.  Gaining acceptance of low modulus reconstruction in dental practice has been achieved in part by the thorough documenting of clinical successes by Mr. Hicks and placing this material in the hands of educators, making evidence based dentistry more than just a slogan.“

Waldemar G. de Rijk, PhD, DDS, Assoc. Prof. of General Dentistry, Dir., Div. of Biomedical Material Sciences, School of Dental Medicine, East Carolina University (Retired)

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Norm Hicks for over 25 years, first as my direct supervisor and mentor, then as an associate and ultimately as a friend.  Norm has always impressed me as being highly creative, extremely knowledgeable, possesses a strong work ethic, all with a quick wit and an unsurpassed level of energy.  Norm has an excellent background in the dental industry, a strong marketing skill set and successful track record to show for it.”

Tom Czervionke, Director of Sales and Marketing, Bisco, Inc.

I used the services of Norman Hicks from early 2000 until I sold the company in 2017. He helped us build our business over that time primarily by building a network of influential dentists and academicians, by finding and training some of my best o.e.m. customers and distributors, and by helping to create and execute promotional and publicity strategies. He maintains pride in a high level of product knowledge and understanding of clinical dentistry, which earned him respect amongst professional and business communities. I highly recommended Norman and his services to the people that bought my company.”

Pierre-luc Reynaud, former owner/President of RTD, Grenoble, France